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Big Horn County Historical Museum
Position Description

Title: Skilled Maintenance Technician

Accountable To: Museum Director

Pay: $16.00/hour PART-TIME

Job Description: Skilled Maintenance Technician under general supervision performs a variety of maintenance work to the museum buildings and grounds. Responsible for the maintenance and repair of the facilities, grounds, and all museum buildings, etc., located within the confines of the museum complex.

Major Duties:

General maintenance and procedures to prevent major repairs and cost, including but not limited to: painting, carpantry, electrical, etc.

Maintain the county museum complex including all buildings, out-buildings, equipment, facilities, exhibits and equipment in a clean and functioning manner. Assist grounds keeper if needed.

Participate in building and grounds security and reports any suspicious or unusual activities to the appropriate personnel. Also reports supplies needed for all buildings.

Assist with and prepare the facilities for fundraisers, special events and large crowds, before, during, and after scheduled activities.

The work includes various duties, some routine, while some have several alternative solutions to problems arising and deciding which duties have priority over daily tasks, etc.

These are just the main tasks preformed. More may arise for various projects or situations.

This position is directly responsible to the Museum Director. It is understood that by the very nature of this position that there is required a great deal of self initiative in meeting the responsibility of this position. He/She may supervise assistant grounds staff, community service workers and volunteers.


Education, Training and Experience Requirements:
Knowledge of the operation and maintenance of the equipment used in maintaining the grounds and facility; such as lawn mowers, tractor, power tools and other equipment required to maintain buildings and grounds. Must have the ability to be flexible and work with others. Licensing or certifications of skills preferred: carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical and boilers.

Essential Job Functions: The work is primarily physical, performed largely when exposed to elements of the weather during both summer and winter. Be able to operate a variety of powered equipment, small hand tools, tractor and a pickup truck. All of which are necessary in the function of maintaining and repairing the museum complex.
The work requires considerable physical exertion. Physical requirements including climbing, walking, bending, stooping, climbing ladders, and lifting up to 50# (greater with assistance).



Apply in person at the museum or email our director your resume at: