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1163 3rd St. East • Hardin, MT 59034 406.665.1671

If you would like to make a financial contribution, make a memorial or donate a family treasure, please call us at 406-665-1671.  We would be honored to visit with you.  All donations go toward the restoration, preservation and development of the Big Horn County Historical Museum.

There are many ways to contribute. The following is a list of suggestions:

If you would like to make a contribution in memory of a loved one or special friend.  We have special cards for this purpose.  We will notify the family of your gift; for convenience, please be sure to include a name and address for the recipient.

Heritage Path
The brick path connects the new building with the former main building.  Bricks are available in two sizes.  For more information please fill out the “Heritage Path” form.

Heritage Path Donor Form

Mountain of Memories
An honorary/memorial wall was created in the foyer of the main building.  Names or messages maybe engraved on leaves, rocks and/or clouds.  Please contact museum staff for more information.

Cash/Honorary Donation
Make a donation in honor of someone special on their birthday, anniversary or for some other occasion.  We will notify the person of your gift.

Family Treasures
The Big Horn County Historical Society would be honored to receive historic treasures/artifacts that pertain to preserving the history of Big Horn County.  Please call or stop by our office.


Send your donation to:
Big Horn County Historical Society
1163 3rd Street East
Hardin, MT 59034