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Big Horn River

Do you want to experience the original Montana Territory, back when it was established in 1865? Then consider visiting Big Horn County, which is one of the original 9 counties in Montana and hosts a population of 13,387.

Three beautiful, clean rivers; the Bighorn, Little Bighorn and Tongue, wind through the county and draw in myriads of birds and wildlife for your pleasure, as well as creating a green landscape, in which to wander.

Fort Custer

Big Horn County offers you rich history, such as Custer’s last stand at the Little Bighorn Battlefield and Visitors Center. You’ll find an abundance of outdoor water recreation at Big Horn Canyon National Recreation Area: fishing, boating and water skiing. And let’s not forget what Montana is most famous for – its majestic mountains.  In Big Horn County, you’ll find the Pryor, Big Horn and Wolf mountain ranges to enjoy from afar or up close and personal on a hike.

Crow Fair

In the summer months, you can dive into the rich culture of the Native American Indian, where the Crow Nation presents the Crow Fair. The vast Big Horn landscape is transformed into a sea of over 1,000 teepees and colorful costumed dancers, dancing to the beat of drums and singing out their great great grandfather’s chants of stories and celebration.

At every turn, up every hill and down every river, you’ll find a memory in the waiting.